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Autumnfest [23 Jul 2006|07:01pm]

We have always built the model at Autumnfest, and we have won every year until this past year. Do you think we should build a model this year, or try something else?
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Tropical Forest on Campus [09 Mar 2006|12:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Now that Spring break is over and you've either been somewhere warm and beautiful or most likely wished that you been been somewhere warm and beautiful, thoughts turn back to campus life.

What if they didn't have to. What if life at MSU wasn't just stuffy classrooms, ticking steam heating and slush, snow or rain. What if you brought a bit of that warm tropical air home with you.

I'm not talking about sunshine in a can. I'm not talking about Eletronic postcards or watching reruns of baywatch. What if there was a tropical rainforest right in the heart of campus. What if Palm trees were scheduled in right next to Chemistry and before Lit class?

Well, that is in the future, and you can help us make it happen! Check out sgp.msu.edu for details on what we have working on, and let me know what you think of having a tropical garden on campus!

- Jerry

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Welcome to SGP! [27 Feb 2006|09:19pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello and welcome to the Student Greenhouse Project!

The purpose of this forum is to discuss different environmental, community and Student oriented issues facing to group and MSU in general, and we'll probably mess around a bit too.

Our first topic is, well, what do you want to talk about?


SGP Moderator.

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